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Conducting advanced forensic analysis online

The amount of data that needs to be processed in a typical criminal investigation today – especially when fraud, murder or child pornography are involved – is immense and extremely diverse. Processing and analysing all this complex data is difficult and time-consuming, and in the sheer mass of data, investigators may miss or lose track of important evidence. In addition, they are often under pressure from enforcement agencies to complete their analysis as quickly as possible.

To enable faster and more effective processing of data within criminal investigations, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has therefore developed XIRAF, an advanced software application that can automatically analyse large quantities of data from all types of equipment at high speed and render them directly searchable.  

Specifically, XIRAF bundles data from digital sources, including laptops, external hard drives, mobile phones and CDs, into a central online database. Police or government investigators can then access and search this database from anywhere – all they need is a web browser. XIRAF also makes it possible to order data chronologically and sort images geographically. 

XIRAF is currently used by various police and investigative services and has proved its value in several criminal cases.

If you would like to know more about what XIRAF could do for your organisation, please contact our Account Management team.

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