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Research and innovation

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) is one of the world’s leading forensic laboratories. Many similar institutions, both within Europe and beyond, look to the NFI as a model. The NFI has achieved this position by building on its day-to-day forensic practice to continuously improve its products and services.

To make sure that its work remains at the forefront of developments, the NFI invests heavily in Research and Development. In this way, it lays the foundations for the innovative forensic methods and technologies that will play an important part in the coming decades.

Specifically, the NFI focuses on ways in which forensic science can keep ahead of the various changes with which the field is confronted:

  • Changes in the types of questions asked by its clients and stakeholders
  • Changes in the types and quantities of traces that are capable of being investigated
  • Changes in the techniques that are available for investigating traces.

In the following video, Marc van Nimwegen (Public Prosecution) speaks about the NFI's role in innovation.

Marc van Nimwegen (Public Prosecution) on innovation

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    Interview with Marc van Nimwegen, Public Prosecution

    Innovation in forensic research is very important, both for investigation and prosecution.

    Innovations allow us to solve more cases and do it quicker, more efficiently and effectively. In the field of DNA in particular, an important breakthrough has taken place which allows us to carry out more investigations because the DNA research has become more sensitive we now need much less cell material.

    The investigations are also a lot quicker and the investigation possibilities are much broader thanks to e.g. RNA cell typification.

    The NFI plays an important role in the development of forensic innovation within the field of criminal law. The NFI possesses much know-how and expertise in this area and equally importantly, the NFI has a close relationship with the police and Public Prosecutor criminal investigations.

    Furthermore, the NFI is part of a large international forensic knowledge network which also includes several investigation organizations businesses and universities, domestic and foreign.

    For the Public Prosecutor, not only is the NFI the preferred, but also the largest supplier of forensic knowledge and expertise.

    We don't only offer this in concrete criminal cases and investigations but also within our training programmes for which the NFI is an important supplier of the knowledge and expertise that our officers and other Public Prosecutors need in the field of forensics.


Many forensic techniques (including DNA analysis) originally come from fields outside forensic science. In order to spot new forensic opportunities as they arise, the NFI maintains close relationships with industry, knowledge institutes and universities.

Research and innovation activities

For more information about the NFI’s research and innovation activities:

Research and innovation