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To keep up to date with the latest news about the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI), you can subscribe to our RSS feed (News NFI). As a subscriber, you will automatically be sent a link whenever new press or news items are posted on the NFI’s website.

RSS Reader

To receive an RSS feed, you need to download an RSS reader. This provides you with a unified overview of all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to. There are several free RSS readers available, such as FeedReader, that can be downloaded from http://www.feedreader.com/.

More information about RSS can be found at rss.startpagina.nl


Once you have installed an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the NFI’s RSS feed "Press and news items (News NFI)":


Right-click on the link above and select 'Copy Shortcut'. Then click the 'Add new feed' button in FeedReader and paste shortcut that you have just copied. Click 'Next', give the RSS feed a name (e.g., NFI) and click 'Finish'. This is the procedure for FeedReader, but other readers behave similarly.