Requirements that invoices must meet

To allow the invoicing process to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, invoices from external parties must meet a number of requirements.

The FDC works with separate checklists for statutory requirements and FDC requirements. For the full list of statutory requirements, please visit the website of the Tax and Customs Administration. The following items must be included on the invoice as a minimum. If your invoice does not meet these requirements, the FDC will not process the invoice and it will be returned to you.

Statutory requirements

  • Your full name and the full name of the commissioning party
    State the name given in the articles of association. Alternatively, state the trade name, provided this has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce in combination with an address and town/city. If your business is part of a tax entity, state the name of the department that supplied the goods and/or services on the invoice.
  • Your full address and the full address of the commissioning party
    State the address of your place of business as it appears in the Commercial Register kept by the Chamber of Commerce. A PO Box number on its own is not sufficient.
  • Your VAT number
    If your business is part of a tax entity, state the VAT number of the department that supplied the goods and/or services.
  • Your Chamber of Commerce number
    State the Chamber of Commerce number that is linked in the Commercial Register to the name given in the articles of association or trade name that appears on the invoice.
  • Invoice date
    State the date on which the invoice was sent.
  • IBAN number
    The name of the beneficiary must match the name of the supplier of goods and/or services as known to the FDC.
  • Invoice number
    State a unique consecutive number.
  • Provide a description of the goods and/or services that you supplied. Be careful not to include any personal data, such as data on a person's health or that person's personal circumstances. Restrict yourself to details that are relevant to the payment of the invoice, sticking to a case or file number wherever possible.
  • The number of goods and/or services
  • The date on which you supplied the goods and/or services
  • The amount you are charging, exclusive of VAT
  • If you supplied goods and/or services charged at different VAT rates, state separate amounts. Also state the unit price, if applicable.
  • The VAT rate you are charging
  • The VAT amount

FDC requirements

To allow it to process invoices as quickly as possible and make payment within 30 days, the FDC has set a number of additional requirements that invoices must meet.

  • Invoice address
    FDC DJI, attn NFI 604, PO Box 90832, 2509 LV THE HAGUE.
    If we are unable to trace the service organisation that you delivered the goods and/or services to, your invoice will not be processed.
  • Purchase order number or compulsory purchasing policy reference number
  • BIG number
    State your BIG registration number if your profession is listed in the Individual Health Care Professions Act.


If your supplier contract specifies electronic invoicing, PDF invoices will not be processed. In exceptional cases only, PDF invoices may be sent to the email address

To ensure fully automated and swift processing by our financial system, you must send each invoice and any appendices as a single PDF file. Always include the invoice number and/or the name of your business in the subject field of the email.

PDF invoices take longer to process and pay than electronic invoices.