How the NFI Purchasing Department operates

All ordering requests received from the NFI are put out to tender, processed and completed by the NFI Purchasing Department. The NFI may purchase a product or service from you in one of the following three ways:

  • Incidental purchases through Leonardo (the NFI purchasing system): you will receive a purchase order number.
  • Purchases pursuant to a contract agreed between you and the NFI: you will receive a purchase order number.
  • Compulsory purchasing policy: no purchase order is required for certain cost categories if the invoice amount does not exceed €3,000. Such invoices should be coded with cost centre + cost type (by instructions of the NFI) and be sent to the email address: The code serves as a reference number. Categories to which this applies include team outings and business gifts, up to a maximum amount of €3,000 (excl. VAT).

In principle, all commitments to external parties must be recorded by way of a purchase order. You will receive a reference number for every order you process for the NFI. Invoices without a reference number will not be processed.