NFI Inside Out

(On-screen title: NFI Inside Out. People are working in a laboratory. Voice-over:)


VOICE-OVER: With over six hundred scientific experts
and expertise in over forty forensic disciplines,
the Netherlands Forensic Institute is unique in the world.
Based in The Hague, the laboratory delivers objective, reliable forensic analyses
for national and international governmental organisations.
These analyses help to find answers to crime-related questions
such as: What happened? And: Who is responsible?

(Parts of a machine are moving.)

Ensuring it can continue to provide forensic analyses
that are truly valuable to its clients, the NFI invests heavily in innovation
and works closely with national and international parties,
such as universities, industry and knowledge institutes.
By doing so, the NFI makes sure that it is able to speed up the development
of new forensic research methods.

(A man looks at a cross-section of bone.)

Crime doesn't stay within a given country,
so fighting crime requires a cross-border approach.
That's why the NFI co-operates with international law enforcement agencies
in many critical areas, such as intelligence,
criminal investigations, technical operations and capacity building.
The transition of forensics causes a growing need for insights
into the latest forensic methods.
It is important that those involved in law enforcement and criminal justice
have a proper understanding of forensic tools and technologies.
There is also a need for greater insight
into how forensics can help to prevent crime.
To this end, the NFI Academy offers a broad range of courses and training programmes
for law enforcement and governmental organisations worldwide.
The mission of the Netherlands Forensic Institute and its six hundred professionals
is to strengthen the rule of law, nationally and internationally.
This mission is pursued through continuous focus on broad forensic expertise,
through development of new technologies
and growing collaboration with partners around the world.