Designing an efficient and practical working environment

Traditional forensic disciplines have changed considerably in recent years, and new disciplines have arisen. What is more, multidisciplinary research is increasingly becoming the normal way of working. However, the physical institutions – the laboratories, the logistics and administrative facilities – have often not kept pace.

Several years ago, the NFI was fortunate enough to be able to move to entirely new, purpose-built premises. As a result, we were able to think out from scratch what the ideal physical set-up of a forensic institute would be – and then build it. The result is our Main Building.

Making use of the latest recent technologies and insights, it is maximally efficient and safe, flexible enough to be “future-proof” and – very important – a pleasant place to work.

On the basis of this experience, the NFI has already advised a number of institutions around the world on what to watch out for when building their own new premises.