The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has developed the software Defraser to find and repair partly erased or damaged multimedia files. Since the encoding method of choice for the latest mobile phones, cameras and security camera systems is H.264, the H.264 plugin is required for doing research on these devices.

Digital media often play a central role in providing evidence for prosecutions. However, potentially critical data can be lost or destroyed almost as easily as it is created. The tool Defraser was developed to find partly erased or damaged multimedia files and, if necessary, repair them.

What sets Defraser apart is its ability to find not just complete multimedia files, but also partial files, such as deleted video files that have been partly overwritten. Defraser offers specialized tools allowing playback of these recovered video frames.


The Free Edition of Defraser is available online and supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, ASF and 3GP video formats. However, the encoding method of choice of the latest digital video cameras is H.264 and this is not supported by the Free Edition Defraser software. The Full Edition of Defraser includes the H.264 plugin, and is therefore essential for investigators working with material from these cameras.

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