Interpretation of DNA data from traces and comparing them to DNA profiles of suspects can be time consuming, and more important: error-prone. To streamline and speed up this process and diminish possible errors considerably, the NFI has developed DNAxs. A user-friendly software that enables you to compare multiple DNA-profiles of traces against multiple DNA-profiles of references in just one mouse click. The platform aids the DNA-scientists in casework by giving overview and  managing the increasingly complex data interpretation and decision making process.

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Take for example a knife stabbing. There are multiple traces, suspects and a victim. After you’ve entered the DNA profiles of the traces and persons, DNAxs offers a case summary. Here you’ll find a useful overview with extensive information about the DNA profile, how many donors contributed to the trace and whether it’s possible to define a major donor. Photographs of the exhibits as well as results from presumptive testing can be included. This way the DNA specialist has all the relevant information to analyze and interpret the data and write the report.

DNAxs has various functionalities. Including the calculation of weights of evidence. It uses one of the most advanced models. Within the software the DNAStatistX module is  integrated  to calculate the evidential value with probabilistic DNA-statistics effortlessly. Uncertainties in the DNA profile are taken into account, and it considers the peaks ánd the intensity of the peaks. These complex likelihood ratio calculations are executed in a short time span. DNAxs visualizes the results, indicates if the data can be explained, and if the results are valid. The software links to other software tools such as SmartRank, Bonaparte and FDStools and CODIS.

Because our work is used by prosecutors and lawyers in trials it is important to be able to check all actions taken during the process. DNAxs offers an audit trial, where it keeps track of who performed which action and when.

Interested in streamlining and speeding up your process, reducing errors and using the most advanced methods? Take a look at this video and contact us at DNAxs@nfi.nl for more information.