NFI Memory Toolkit

In the wake of a crime or incident, researchers, law enforcement professionals and forensic analysts often want to retrieve information stored in electronic devices.

The NFI Memory Toolkit (MTK) is a universal forensic solution that enables investigators to read memory chips and potentially extract user data – such as text messages, phone numbers, pictures and browser history – from a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones, satellite navigation devices, car electronics or USB flash drives.

The NFI Memory Toolkit can even be used to recover data from damaged or password-protected devices or, in some cases, data that has been ‘erased’.

The NFI Memory Toolkit is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware makes a physical connection, generates signals and supplies power to a memory chip, while the software runs the necessary command-sets to access data in the various types of memory chips.

Image: ©Netherlands Forensic Institute / Netherlands Forensic Institute
Memory Toolkit 2

Extraction process

Memory chips come in various shapes and sizes and need to be placed on a specific region of the adapter of the MTKII during the extraction process. For this, a locator is required. The locator is placed in the adapter and ensures the chip is positioned correctly.

MTKII-users can produce these locators themselves using the CNC data files generated by the MTKII software, but this requires a precision milling machine and the appropriate operational skills. MTKII users that do not have the means to obtain and operate a precision milling machine, may order the locators from the NFI. The NFI Locator Service locators are made from the polymer POM-H, a robust material suitable for repeated usage in the MTKII.

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