PRNU Compare Professional

Now that mobile phones equipped with cameras have become so widespread, digital images and videos have become even more important in crime investigation. But which camera was the source of the given photo or video? And have different photos been taken by the same camera?

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has developed the PRNU Compare Professional software to answer these questions.


A suspect in a child pornography case denies taking any of the photos in question.

His camera cannot be found. But by analysing the photos with PRNU Compare Professional, and comparing them with the suspect’s holiday photos, it could be shown that all the images were taken with the same camera.


PRNU Compare Professional can analyse single images, multiple images or video files, including even amateur-quality YouTube clips. How does this work? Image sensors in cameras capture light with pixels. These pixels vary very slightly in size and sensitivity. In this way, each camera has its own pattern of pixels, which it passes on to the photographs taken with it. By comparing these patterns, it is possible to link a given image to the camera that took it, in much the same way as a fingerprint can be linked to an individual person.


PRNU Compare Professional can do an unlimited number of comparisons and works well even with extensive databases. PRNU Compare is user friendly software that is fast, accurate and highly efficient. The NFI can organize a two-day ‘hands on’ workshop for those that wish to extract the maximum benefit from the product.

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