Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Images, videos, text messages or GPS data. Mobile phones contain a lot of information that can assist in solving a crime or clearing a suspect. But accessing this data is not always easy.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) offers law enforcement bodies, courts of law and government agencies the NFI Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service. This entails removing the memory chip and making an exact copy of the data on it.

Accessing the data on a mobile phone is not always easy. Mobile phones are often password-protected, data on it may have been completely or partially deleted by the user, or the phone itself may have been badly damaged. To extract as much data as possible from such devices, the NFI has developed the Memory Toolkit. This unique, forensic solution produces an exact copy of the data on the memory chip of the mobile phone.

Hardware specialists

Reading out mobile phones using the NFI Memory Toolkit is a complex task. To remove the memory chip from a mobile phone requires specific laboratory conditions, advanced equipment and specialist skills. Independent use of the Toolkit is therefore best suited to large forensic laboratories that need to carry out such work regularly.

This is why the NFI now offers the Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service worldwide to government and law enforcement. The customer sends a mobile phone to the NFI for data extraction. Our experts remove the memory chip, create an exact copy of the data on it and send this data back to you using a secure weblink. This service is available for almost every chip in almost every type of phone.

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