DNA-profiling is one of the most valuable forensic approaches: it can generate investigative leads by retrieving suspect names from DNA database searches and high weights of evidence when suspects and evidential traces are compared. The growing number of markers in profiling systems makes DNA-profile comparison increasingly time-consuming and error-prone. Software tools may change this to the better, which prompted the development of the expert system DNAxs.

A user-friendly, well-validated software that compares profiles within seconds and proceeds to statistical analysis according to advanced probabilistic models will increase the quality and number of cases that can be handled, and stimulate the use of such advanced statistics. Forensic experts can adopt a well-structured and uniform workflow and focus on the scientific aspects of the work by which the overall quality and uniformity of forensic casework will increase.

The NFI has developed a software expert system, DNAxs, for case data management, within case matching of profiles and complex DNA-profile interpretation using LoCIM inference and computation of consensus and composite profiles. The software links to other software tools such as SmartRank, Bonaparte and FDStools and CODIS. Within the software the DNAStatistX module has the continuous maximum likelihood ratio model from EuroForMix integratedĀ  to calculate the evidential value with probabilistic DNA-statistics effortlessly. The platform aids the DNA-scientists in casework by giving overview andĀ  managing the increasingly complex data interpretation and decision making process. In addition DNAxs has increased consistency and accountability, while reducing errors and interpretation variability.