The ENTRAP project addresses an approach and methodology on how to evaluate the technical effectiveness of counter-tools that has been produced as a result of the research and development efforts conducted on a European level.

The overall aim being to understand technical capabilities of the available, and emerging counter-tools, for prevention and mitigation of explosive threats in specific phases of the timeline and the combination of them for certain scenarios of an attack.

Operational research (OR) tools, utilised by research organisations and CT practitioners, will be used during the project for the impartial assessments of the effectiveness of emerging counter-tools against existing ones, to better understand how to the prevent IED attacks and how to react to them.

ENTRAP will create a step-change for the development and deployment of new IED prevention tools and techniques by allowing earlier and more accurate assessment of their effectiveness.

The NFI is one of the partners in this project. All information about the project, events, news and downloads can be found on the project's website.

Image: ©ENTRAP