The WasteForce project aims to boost the operational activities and capacities of authorities involved in the fight against illegal trade and management of waste through:

  1. development of new practical tools and methodologies;
  2. implementation of multi-stakeholder capacity building activities; and
  3. support of operational networking among practitioners in Europe and with their counterparts in the Asia- Pacific region, one of the main regions of destination of illicit waste shipments.

The project will also seek to enhance international operational networking between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region through information-sharing activities and dedicated training materials.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are the authorities involved in waste-related crimes across the enforcement chain, including environmental inspectorates, law enforcement agencies, customs, police and prosecutors both in Europe and in Asia-Pacific region.

The NFI is one of the partners in this project. All information about the project, events, news and downloads can be found on the project's website.

Image: ©WasteForce