Advancing Forensic Medicine

When did someone die? And was the death caused by injury or other medical causes? These are the questions that are answered by the disciplines of forensic medicine: pathology, toxicology, medicine, radiology, and anthropology.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute includes both forensic medical and scientific areas of research. This is rather unique in the forensic domain, and it provides special possibilities for interdisciplinary forensic investigation in cases involving, among other things, aggravated assault, sexual violence, and manslaughter or murder.

Within the framework of the Advancing Forensic Medicine investigation programme, forensic and medical experts cooperate intensively on forensic innovations and methods that help to determine the time interval of death or any injury sustained and the manner in which this was caused.

In this context, the experts apply up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art technology from regular health care, such as MRI and CT. The NFI has invested in the cooperation with clinics and academies, and consequently cooperates closely with institutions including the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam, and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Science of Maastricht University. The NFI also participates in LECK (Landelijk Expertise Centrum Kindermishandeling), the national expertise centre for child abuse.