CSI Innovations

The investigation at a crime scene is crucial for both the forensic and criminal investigation. The crime scene investigators reconstruct what happened here and make any evidence visible, select it and secure it.

Within the framework of the CSI Innovations investigation programme, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) cooperates with the police and the Public Prosecution Service on technological developments to improve the investigation of and reconstruction at a crime scene.

Generally, a crime scene can be searched only once, because it is released again after the investigation. New techniques will make it possible in the near future to reconstruct the crime scene digitally down to the smallest detail. This will enable the investigators to ‘return to’ the crime scene virtually to test old and new scenarios.

CSI Innovations aims at:

  • Detecting and visualising evidence at a crime scene;
  • Selecting evidence at a crime scene;
  • Securing evidence at a crime scene;
  • Determining the likelihood of success of evidence;
  • Reconstructing a crime scene

For this purpose, the NFI develops new techniques and methods, validates new products and services, and conducts scientific research to improve existing procedures.