Remote Forensics

The ideal delivery period is no delivery period at all. In the investigation process, speed is critical. Being able to make decisions fast; preferably based on evidence. This will result in greater effectiveness and efficiency.

In daily life, we can obtain all sorts of information through our smartphone. At the same time, sensors and analytical equipment are getting smaller and smaller. As a result, investigation methods that used to be available only in highly advanced laboratories can currently also be accessed outside these laboratories.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) intends to combine these developments and to seek new ways to also increase the availability, speed, and applicability of forensic investigation in the criminal justice.

The innovative development programme Remote Forensics therefore aims at the following:

  • Development of new mobile equipment for drugs analysis (NFiDENT)
  • Development of a new procedure for mobile DNA profiling (localDNA)
  • Development of a new, faster method for toxicology testing
  • Development of a platform to safeguard and access all these techniques.
  • Development of central databases to make analytical data from mobile analytical equipment available at a central level. 

In the context of this programme, the NFI works in close cooperation with all parties in the criminal justice system.