Hardware hacking

In close cooperation with Grand Idea Studio, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) organizes a two-day training session on hardware hacking.

This course, taught exclusively by Joe Grand, focuses on techniques commonly used against hardware products. The course concludes with a full-scale, hands-on hardware hacking challenge to break the security of a custom-designed circuit board, performed individually or in small groups.


This course focuses on hardware hacking and reverse  engineering techniques commonly used against hardware products.

It combines  lecture and hands-on exercises for the following topics:

  • The hardware hacking process
  • Basic concepts of electronics
  • Tools and test measurement equipment
  • Embedded security
  • Circuit board reverse engineering and modification
  • Hands-on techniques and skill building

You will conclude with a hardware hacking challenge to defeat the  security mechanism of a custom-designed circuit board.

A full agenda is available here

Optionally, you can participate in an extra training day, during which side channel effects, firmware extraction, hardware implants and espionage, and other forensic related activities are on the agenda. This extra day is also accessible for any participants who may have taken the standard 2-day before. Please contact us.


Once you have successfully completed the course you:

  • have gained skills needed to successfully reverse engineer electronic products
  • have learned about embedded security, ways to design hardware securely, and ways to defeat those mechanisms
  • understand the mindset of a hardware hacker and why he does what he does.

Target group

  • digital police investigators
  • forensic investigators in other law-enforcement agencies

This course aims to educate everyone regardless of skill level. No prior electronics experience is required.


November 3-5, 2021, from which is optional November 3, 2021, for extra training. Daily schedule: 9.00-17.00 h.


  • Two-day course: € 1949,- per participant
  • Optional third day: €699,- per participant
  • Package deal all 3 days:  € 2349,- per participant.
  • Prices for Dutch Police:  € 1849,- per participant (2 days), € 2249,- for 3 days or € 499,- for just the 3rd day.

N.B.: No VAT will be added.

This includes slides and other reference documentation, lunches and a Grand Idea Studio’s custom hardware hacking training circuit board.


Hotel and travel costs are not included.


  • Students should bring their own laptop running Windows 7 or greater (or equivalent  virtual machine) and containing a functional USB Type A socket.
  • The laptop will be used for online research and to control test  equipment. Software and drivers will need to be installed so administrator access is neccessary.
  • Participants will be provided with all tools and materials necessary for  the course, including a soldering iron, multimeter, digital oscilloscope,  device programmer, safety equipment, and the custom hardware hacking training  circuit board (to keep).

Other information

The course is taught in English.

Content and registration

For more information or registration please complete our contact form, a registration form will then be sent by email. Please indicatie on the form you are interested in the course 'Hardware hacking and reverse engineering'.