Hardware hacking and reverse engineering

In close cooperation with Grand Idea Studio, the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) organizes two-day training sessions on hardware hacking and reverse engineering.

This course focuses on hardware hacking and reverse  engineering techniques commonly used against hardware products. It combines  lecture and hands-on exercises. The course is taught in English. You will conclude with a hardware hacking challenge to defeat the  security mechanism of a custom-designed circuit board.

Optionally, you can participate in an extra training day. This day will be used for additional forensic-focused hardware hacking exercises to help you reinforce skills learned in the prior days. Example exercises include repairing USB devices and extracting memory contents from devices. There will also be a tour of the NFI digital forensics lab and an opportunity to discuss your own case or answer case related questions. A NFI digital forensic expert will be present.

The optional third day is also available to former students. Please contact us.

Target group

  • digital police investigators
  • forensic investigators in other law-enforcement agencies

This course aims to educate everyone regardless of skill level. No prior electronics experience is required.


Two successive days (9.00 - 17.00 hr); optionally a third day

Content and registration

For this training are no dates available.

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