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CEO Leo Zaal has passed away

On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, we received the sad news that Leo Zaal, our Chief Executive Officer, passed away at the age of ...

News item | 11-09-2019 | 14:43

SHUTTLE Call for Tender will be launched on 20th September 2019

The SHUTTLE PCP project will launch its call for tender to support the development of a Scientific High-throughput and Unified ...

News item | 26-08-2019 | 13:51

Grant for project with Rwanda Forensic Laboratory

A project proposal from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and the Rwanda Forensic Laboratory (RFL) will receive a grant ...

News item | 19-07-2019 | 13:19

New effort to identify unknown war dead at Loenen National War Cemetery

In an attempt to find out the identity of anonymous Dutch war victims, the authorities will exhume the remains of 103 individuals ...

News item | 05-06-2018 | 10:25

‘Fingerprints don’t lie’

Can a fingerprint provide stronger evidence in court? ‘Absolutely,’ says Marcel de Puit. ‘Important innovations are happening in ...

News item | 03-05-2018 | 14:14

Judgment in Ennetcom data case: Hansken withstands judicial review

With a court ruling that the 3.6 million encrypted messages from Ennetcom servers in Canada were lawfully obtained and searched ...

News item | 20-04-2018 | 00:00

Ed van Zalen appointed acting Vice-Chairman of OPCW Technical Working Group on forensics

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has asked Dr Ed van Zalen to take on the role of acting ...

News item | 20-03-2018 | 00:00

NFI’s Zeno Geradts unanimously voted President-elect of the AAFS

During the last conference of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) – from February 19 to 24, 2018 in Seattle - ...

News item | 12-03-2018 | 15:09

Netherlands’ largest ever familial DNA investigation

On Saturday 24 February a large-scale DNA investigation will be launched in an attempt to determine what happened to 11-year-old ...

News item | 29-01-2018 | 12:59

DNA match in Milica van Doorn cold case

On Saturday 9 December North Holland Police arrested a 47 year-old man from Zaandam in connection with the rape and violent death ...

News item | 11-12-2017 | 08:57